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Secure Your Creation
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Worldwide Copyright registration for you to
protect your creation through Blockchain
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Why Trurify?

Copyright is an automatic right under international law. It exists from the time the creation is created and only the author can rightfully claim copyright. At Trurify, we become the INDEPENDENT WITNESS to your creation by helping you upload your creation on a decentralized web and bind it with BLOCKCHAIN TRUSTED TIMESTAMP, making your creation as strong evidence.

Register your creation with Trurify is the new & most effective way now before releasing it onto the public, for Trurify generates a digital certificate with a unique reference number, plus the date it was registered will become an independent, credible proof of your copyright under the Berne Convention Copyright Act.

Join our creator community today and secure your creation with our unique feature now!



Our platform provides an independent witnessing service and an archive of original creations, which

offers impartial supporting

evidence of ownership

Copyright Consultancy*

Our copyright consultancy provides you with the most professional legal advice once a case of infringement occurs, so there is no need to worry for you to publish creations onto the public



Our copyright certificate contains blockchain information that cannot be manipulated. It provides substantial evidence of your copyright ownership



We are committed to protecting original creators and advice legal action, e.g. sending a formal takedown notice of copyright infringement & more!




transaction hash and trusted timestamping ensure strong evidence to prove the date and time that your

creation existed



Trurify assists in tracking your creations online and notify you if someone is plagiarizing or using your creations without your knowledge, during which you may decide to take further legal action or not

*Trurify membership exclusive only





Use our Trurify Protection Logo on your creation. Designed to warn-off potential copyright thieves, they work as very effective copyright notices and deterrents which can help avoid copyright infringements in the first place.

Our Trurify Protection Logo is an “Eye of Deterrence”, helping creators to monitor imitators in the market and deters them with the rule of law. We truly believe that the power of the “Eye of Deterrence” will become the most iconic copyright symbol in the market.

*Trurify membership exclusive only

Tips :

Trurify Protection Logo can be insert into any type of your creation, such as : Packaging, Book,, Article, ImageVideo, Etc.

How To
Protect My

Simple 4 Steps Process:


Purchase One-Time Key at our Store, which then you will receive a unique passcode in your email. Alternatively, you can request assistance from our agents to submit your registration


Go to Protect My Creation, follow these steps: First, check out the Tutorials & Important Guide before submitting your forms. Then, fill out all the required details and click the "Agree & Submit" button to proceed with your registration



The creation verification process takes up to 7 working days after submission. If the verification is successful, we will send your digital copyright certificate to you by email


Once you receive your digital copyright certificate, it means your creation is now under worldwide copyright protection!

For more details of the process, please refer to the Methodology
How It Work

We Protect Most Type Of Original Creations :

1. Logo Symbol

The logo copyright can only protect the visual and design style, the brand name and slogan are not protected by copyright

2. Art & Design

Packaging Design / Branding Design / Advertising Design / Product Design / Web Design / Font Design / Interior Design / Fashion Design / Jewellery Design / Architecture Design / Game Design / Comic Art / Animation / Art Pattern / Calligraphy Art / Sketches / Paintings / Ceramic Sculpture / Technical Drawings / etc


3. Image & Video

Photograpic Images / Lecture Courses / Theatre Productions / TV Shows / Film Productions / Video Footage / Choreography / Magic Performances / Pantomime / Martial Arts Performances / etc

4. Article & Book

Content Articles / Drama Storylines / Scripts / Fiction Stories / Cooking Recipes / Poetry / Business Strategy / Historical Writing / Personal Diaries / Manuscript / etc

5. Music & Lyric

Music Melodies / Sheet Music / Lyrics / Recordings / Background Music / Music Demos / Rap Lyrics / Chord Charts / Musicals / Symphonies / Crosstalk / etc


6. Proposal & Contract

Business Proposal / Lesson Proposal / Business Contract / Lease Contract / Loan Contract / Sales Contract / Financing Contract / Entrustment Contract / Will & Testament / etc

More categories will be gradually added to the options, stay tuned!

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