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About Us

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Trurify was founded by a group of designers & lawyers who value originality and creativity. Over the years, we’ve gathered copyright legal protection experiences from creators to lawyers, and finally found a perfect way to protect creators’ rights - a Copyright Deposit Platform.


Creators will need “Witness” and “Timestamp” to claim a public record of ownership before anyone plagiarizes their creation. Today, many creators present or display their creations to the public unaware of the inability to effectively prove their rights after being plagiarized. 


In the event of a copyright infringement case involving our members, Trurify's legal team will fully assist them, whether in collecting and presenting any evidence of the infringer’s misconduct or even suing the infringer to court, making them bear all legal responsibility.


With Trurify as witness, creators can protect their creation by uploading it to create a timestamp, we understand how this timestamp works and we have created the most simple and easy way. Just visit Protect My Creation and learn more today!  


Our platform strives to end plagiarism on a global scale by deterring imitators with legal action & discouraging them from imitating any original creations.


Become the world’s authorized Copyright Deposit Platform, allowing creators to be protected legally.


The brand name “Trurify” is a combination of two words - “True” and “Verify”, representing the core value of our platform which is to verify the originality of content creation and fully protect it under the Copyright Act.


Our logo is an “Eye of Deterrence”, helping creators to monitor imitators in the market and deters them with the rule of law. We truly believe that the power of the “Eye of Deterrence” will become the most iconic copyright symbol in the market.
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